The research conducted at the Zurich Center for Economic Development covers all key areas of development economics.

Our affiliated professors conduct empirical evaluations to test and improve the effectiveness of programs and policies aimed at facilitating the alleviation of poverty and building prosperity in developing countries.

Political Economy and Governance, Public Finance, Political Economy
Can Audits Backfire?
Evidence from Public Procurement in Chile
Can Good Products Drive Out Bad?
Evidence from Local Markets for Antimalarial Medicine in Uganda
agriculture, finance
Competition in Agricultural Markets
Experimental Evidence from the Sierra Leone Cocoa Industry
Debt into Growth
How Sovereign Debt Accelerated the First Industrial Revolution
Political Economy and Governance, Public Finance, Political Economy
Dodging the Taxman
Firm Misreporting and Limits to Tax Enforcement
Effect of a community health delivery program on under-five mortality in Uganda
Estimating Impact in Partial vs. General Equilibrium
A Cautionary Tale from a Natural Experiment in Uganda
agriculture, finance
Firm and Market Response to Saving Constraints
Evidence from the Kenyan Dairy Industry
Lemon Technologies and Adoption
Evidence from Agricultural Markets in Uganda
Leverage and Beliefs
Personal Experience and Risk Taking in Margin Lending
political economy
Misperceived Social Norms
Female Labor Force Participation in Saudi Arabia
Public Finance, Political Economy
No Taxation without Information
agriculture, labor markets
Rage Against the Machines
Labour-Saving Technology and Unrest in England, 1830-32
Saving More in Groups
Field Experimental Evidence from Chile
agriculture, finance
Time vs. State in Insurance
Experimental Evidence from Contract Farming in Kenya